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2015 Sunshine Coast Real Food Festival

Saturday, 12 September and Sunday, 13 September 2015

Maleny Showgrounds, 13 Stanley River Road, Maleny
Sunshine Coast Hinterland in beautiful Queensland

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For lovers of good food, who want to know how to nourish themselves and their family, the Real Food Festival is a joyful annual event that brings together all elements of Sunshine Coast food in a weekend of learning and celebration.

As the only event in this region that showcases good local food from paddock to plate, the Festival provides a unique, informative and authentic experience.

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To make sure we clearly understand each person's needs and preferences, please register ONE volunteer per form.

If you wish to register another volunteer, please start the registration process again.

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We rely on 180 volunteers to run the Real Food Festival - thanks for being one of them!

The next question asks you to indicate in which areas you would prefer to volunteer.  To help you better understand the roles available, we have provided a brief description below.

Helping to set up before the festival.  This may require assisting volunteer festival staff set up various stations around the site.

Helping to pack down after the festival, for example, assisting festival staff to pack up various stations around the site and ensure cleanliness of the Showgrounds.

Greeting festival-goers, handing out programs and collecting entry fees.

Helping to guide visitors to available parking and directing traffic.

Acting as a 'floater' and assisting at any area or with any staff at the festival that may need extra help.

Kids Area
Helping to supervise organised children's activities, for example, the jumping castle or craft area.

Assisting with setting up and packing down of presentations. This may require introducing presenters to the public.

Signing in our presenters and special guests, ensuring they have arrived on time, are comfortable and have everything they need.

Please indicate any other area you may be interested in volunteering.

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- you hold a Blue Card
Your involvement is really appreciated - we couldn't do it without you!
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